Public Speaking

Public speaking for many people is an absolutely horrifying experience. To stand up in front of a group of people is the last thing many people would even dream of doing. Yet in today's world we are often placed in situations where we have to talk in front of a group for work or church or just bumping into a group of friends. It can be embarrassing to suffer from being so nervous in front of people which adds to the overall fear one feels.
Confidence will overcome fear. Knowing what to do and how to do it builds confidence. Knowing techniques to overcome fear makes you feel secure and more confident. All these skills can be taught and easily absorbed by all ability levels. You can do this!   


It all started at a small 50 thousand watt radio station in San Diego California at KSDO-AM. That started my love affair with broadcasting. I've spent the better part of my professional life on the front lines and in the trenches of professional radio.

I come uniquely equipped to teach Voice-Over talent having made a living doing it as part of my daily responsibilities and as a source of extra income.

I begun teaching Voice-Over classes for the North East Independent School District Continuing Education Department in 1999. Over the years through the classroom or in private sessions, hundreds of people have been introduced to the exciting career of Voice-Over talent. Contact Darrell Taylor today to get started on the path to success. You can do this!