vSpeaking in public is a process that can be studied, formatted and applied to most all speaking situations.
Applying these successful techniques will harness your nervous energy and transform it into vitality and enthusiasm. It will be broken down for you, step by step. Body language, facial expressions, vocal ranges and what to do with your hands will all be covered.
Not all public speaking is formal such as standing if front of a large audience making a speech. There are business meetings, sales presentations, social gatherings and public events where a polished vocal presentation would be of value. Ready to go? Call us at


"Darrell's students are well trained,  polished and prepared . I recommend his services for voice-over training."

Mike Roberts, Voice Over Plus, Producer

Public Speaking done properly is power in your hands.

At the Happy Voice Coach we will train you to effectively communicate your ideas through learning, practicing and performing.

There is no one single form of public speaking so we work on a core set of skills so you become a better speaker in all situations.

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You will find out much about public speaking and doing voice over or commercial work.

Public Speaking is one of the most difficult and stressful activities that you can do. There is even a big long word for the fear of public speaking it's, Gloss phobia.  Do you suffer from the fear of public speaking? Symptoms include sweaty palms, upset stomach, nervous twitching and an array of other ailments that come from the fear of public speaking.

In the classroom, boardroom or private instruction I have been teaching public speaking for over 15 years.  I have a system that will have you being confident, strong and in charge.  Through practice and repetition of behavioral activities a positive pattern will develop that you will be able to access time and time again.

Voice-Over commercial training. This is a totally different type of training and involves skilled reading and communication abilities. Depending upon the skill of the student we will start with the fundamentals of what the client is looking for and how that shapes delivery. 

Voice-over work is a skilled profession that you can make money doing. With the right training, skill set and practice you will be on your way to a new lifestyle. After just 3 one hour sessions you will be ready to cut your first demo to take to clients and agents.

Already in the business? Refresher courses are available for advanced voice talent. 

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15 years experience as Public Speaking Coach and teacher.

35 years as a professional on-air Deejay, Emcee and Voice Talent.  

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We go where we look. Ride a bike, drive a car, go for a walk, we always have a strong tendency to move in the direction we are looking. It's human nature. So where are you looking or going today? What's in front of you right now? Don't lose sight of your goals. Look at them everyday to stay on course. Keep your eyes on the prize and you will move in the direction you're looking. It's human nature.

All Conversations are about winning .

  "Darrell, you are a true professional and I would highly recommend your services."

 Lee Woods, TX Radio Hall of Fame Inductee

The agents expectations of the voice over artist vary from job to job. Knowing what will be expected of you will allow you to be better prepared, have greater confidence and act more professionally.

"Darrell  Taylor is a good teacher with a wonderful attitude. I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn how to put their best voice forward. "

Eduardo Soliz, Podcaster 

The role of evidence in your speech.
Use evidence to validate your claim. Explain how and why the evidence supports your claim. Be brief. For each claim you want to...

State it.

Explain it.

Prove it.

Conclude it.

A claim is anything you want it to be. Pick a subject then pick a side. As an example "The school year is too long." is the claim. You can agree or disagree with that claim but you must have/use evidence to back it up.